By Teresa Flisiuk

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My family  and I have undisputable proof of my husband’s, Michal Flisiuk’s suicide on October 29, 2009.
He had been driven, lead, and assisted into his “final solution” after his near 2.5 years relentless search for the Truth and Justice, after our daughter’s, Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot’s murder at L.S.U. Hospital in New Orleans on June 25th, 2007, where she had been slaughtered within one day by Third Word Countries interns and politically correct advantaged African Americans on the weekend rampage of their promising “prestige” manifestations of playing the physicians. They all targeted the easiest opportunity to start and/or enhance their: internships, residencies, and leaderships career of their superiors in the post-Katrina, devastated 2005 manmade disaster of New Orleans, with the population reduced to its third, and the Federal, as well, as all sorts of internationals funds flowing like the opening of the broken levees, which flooded, and polluted most of the city’s disaster. New Orleans was finally cleaned up of its projects, natives living in their micro cosmoses: all the unique, picturesque, and exotic true nature of New Orleans was wiped out. It was the completion of the long term plan for the ethnic cleansing, ultimately solving the poverty and its byproducts. The ideal for the “Whites Only” merchants has began. Class Law Suits silenced even the Black Leaders, and “nigger rich” compensations satisfied the majority of the victims; the developed Pentagon’s model of the mass control, worked like the Murray’s research and service to Pentagon. The “lonely wolfs” are never the threat.
The Funds… Let me tell you just about FEMA claims, and Red Cross’ generous cleaning supplies.
My son, life-time New Orleans resident artist, was on vacation in Maine when the disaster had stricken. It was our daughter, Blanka, who was evacuating from the deadly neighborhood.
My son resided in one of the artsy communities, which had not been flooded and sustained little damage from the direct storm. When he finally was allowed back to the city, he had an encounter with the FEMA worker, estimating individual damages. He was prepped by his two female neighborhood friends, who just finished remodeling their five bathrooms before the storm, to claim falsified itemized losses; “tell them you had a flat screen TV” and so on… My son told the suspicious bookkeeper that he had not lost anything. It had to be an unprecedented case, since the man became more and more suspicious, starting even suggesting, what my son could possibly loose. My son kept declining his offers. The man left making an impression of the combination: his disbelief and considering some mental illness in that particular lack of “claim”. The French Quarter middle-class, including my son’s thoughtful friends, were on the constant alerts for the free distributions of all the goods: from daily meals to symbolic commodity- toilet paper. Their storages became filled with the “every kind of survival items”, while the organizations were desperate with their distribution of their surpluses, they had to account for distributing! Even the St. Charles Avenue mansions residents had their servants jump out to the trucks for the assorted collections! The “White New Orleans” had gone mad. They even became oblivious to the huge flies feeding on human and animal carcasses, while they themselves were dining! Oblivious to the odor, and its toxic origins. New Orleans was  up for grabs! The characteristic was the abandonment of the city‘s maintenance and appearance , while dominated by brand new cars, and shabby service businesses, with their skyrocketing prices for the Black Water contractors. Bizarre contrasts and adjustments to them. It remained unchanged when I traveled to the morgue in 2007, where my daughter had been sent as a result of the hospital’s cheap bargains and shop: unappealing  city settled for the “bottom of the Class”, Mexico, Pakistan, and even Nigeria. In return they offered “New Orleans’ credential” with the circumstances to be forgotten in the future. You know, brand name vs. generic. Big Easy!
Tourism is a fancy decoy for Federal vessel of the city of New Orleans. It is all about the port and oil rigs. It is all about the Federal Control and implementing Federal SILENCE. It is distinguished service of Frank Minyard. Poker, Horses, and Corpses…..

New Orlean's Holocaust  
Organ Tissue Harvesting-LOPA
Ghazala Azam,Pakistan,Lorissia Autery,
Howard University,free tuitions for minorities,Javier Brandon Perez,Puerto Rico,Diego Lopez Osa, Argentina,Beatrice Okechukwu,Nigeria,Bradley Kieffer,Gabriella Pridjian,Thomas Nolan,William Newman,Banbor,Maine,New Orleans,John Gagliano,Ray Aucoin,Frank Minyard,Omega Hospital,L.S.U. Hospital,UM Orono,ShakeelAhmed Ibne Mahmood,Bangladeh,Maine,UM Orono,Blanka Peridot,LOPA,Ray Moreau,Dr.Robert Dana,Donna Fatum,TV Asia International

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Michal Flisiuk's New Orleans Videos



Marching to the End. - kewego
New Orleans' Downtown reflected in the tuba of Philip Frazier as Rebirth Brass Band marches through 400 block of North Rampart Street . Distinct relics of the early Jazz.

2006 Michal Flisiuk movie

2007 post-Katrina New Orleans's Destruction and Decadence - kewego
Portrait of New Orleans which in 2006/2007 attracted good ,and opportunistic people. Students sacrificed their vacations, while Lorissia Autery the same year graduated from Howard University ( for African - Americans ) and arrived in New Orleans for her confident internship. Within few month she had her first kill, BLANKA TERESA PERIDOT, who, being a hurricane survivor, writing a book about her experience, shortly after arriving in her home State - Maine, had gone back on the mission to help the people and the City. Lorissia Autery's "elated" experience, was being introduced to "My Space", where she was active during her night shifts.Even the subtropic city's vegetation was not revived by the Nature.

Filmed on Easter Day 2007

Few months a medical intern ( graduated in 2006 ) Lorissia Autery chose the devastated New Orleans to make her career shortcut. No, she was not idealistically motivated, nor she went on the mission like "doctors without the borders". She had not even mentioned the New Orleans' misery. She continued to have a social blast. She conducted herself like there was no challenge in learning and experience after finishing school. She was a "Dr. Autery" and she liked to hear her new professional name. She had not known challenge, nor she was looking for it, but for a quick fix like her network of " M.D.'s".

Routine and money. She had told no one that she had a patient who had died under the unexplained circumstances, not until after the publicity we made for her she made some lame damage control in the Deep South , small town High School. She has no conscience or basic moral/ethical responsibility. She is dangerous, because she is a voided human being.

La Nouvelle-Orléans - de l'État de Louisiane 2007 - wideo
New Orleans 2007 filmed by Michal Flisiuk

The City where my Daughter, my Timeless Friend, Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot had been murdered. The city where only cars are brand new. The door ( green ) is the place where 12 years old girl used to seat, writing her poetry, and selling her books. The city where Blanka Teresa Flisiuk made national and international contacts with publishers and journalists, wandering about the child's talent.
Historic Black Storyville-Nouvelle-Orléans, LA États-Unis d'Amérique-À la recherche du temps perdu - wideo
All that Jazz ! 400 Block of South Rampart Street, New Orleans, Louisiana.

Eagle Saloon - major gig of Buddy Bolden, Jane Alley - birthplace of Louis Armstrong,

The Iroquois Theater, Karnofsky's Store that's all what is left from Black Storyville.

Few deteriorating, unmarked buildings sticking out among myriad of parking lots and ugliness

of modern high rises. Desolate day and night. Billion dollar Trump Center and another billion

dollar project Jazz Hall of Fame are projected on the spot of hideous New Orleans City Hall.
Lorissia Autery's 2007 Internship - Nouvelle-Orléans, LA États-Unis d'Amérique - wideo
Lorissia Autery graduated in 2006 at the courtesy of the federal grants for "minorities". Then she made next short-cut step : she had chosen desert and destruction of New Orleans to start her internship. The city then degenerated by the disaster and subsequently causing survivors the post-traumatic stress. People became oblivious to invasion of black flies, filthy hospital and alike. Population had been reduced to its third. Finally, New Orleans became the city of Caucasian merchants and rich developers with the wad of cash purchasing lands. Lorissia Autery and others like her had not carried about signs of the calamity at every step. "Elated" in her words, however to be introduced to the exciting "website" - My Space. And Spacing she was - on her night shifts... She had not sought the experience; she was ready made ROUTINE - WRONG. She had murdered Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot and then giggled more on her "website", not telling her friends about her first kill. She does not take me

L.S.U.'s & Tulane's Night Shifts - Nouvelle-Orléans, LA États-Unis d'Amérique - wideo
Nouvelle-Orléans, LA, États-Unis d'Amérique the professionals' life in Big Easy : Poker, Horses, and Corpses, annual parties so ugly and abominating - the "professional infinite convention". Frank knows... He is corrupted like all before him in this doomed town. The New Orleans "after hours", but without an admission for tourists. Every branch of government is, and always has been corrupted in New Orleans. Sue me, and I will prove it. Take me to Court, you cowards!

American Academia 25% From the Third World



American Academia 25% From the Third World - wideo
The Third World in American Medical Schools tuition free ! While middle-class Americams cannot

afford to send their children to college ! Incompetent, without even knowing English ! I worked

for the Texas State Hospital (Mental Health and Retardation ), where Chinese [sic] psychiatrist

did not even know English ! My daughter Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot

had been murdered by political correctness ! Those who come to American schools and hospital

however, do not acknowledge American/Western Culture nor even language ! They wear their

shaylah or tarhah ( Ghazala Azam at L.S.U.),bring their prayers rugs ( UM Orono - Shakeel

Ahmed Ibne Mahmood ),but don't even speak English.In France government had solved that problem

in the public institutions like schools ! Did you know that over 25% physicians in U.S. are

non-Americans ?! Only professors are white and/or Westerners.Such was the crew when Blanka Teresa

Flisiuk Peridot had been murdered in 2007 - "the class of 2006" ! The professors

Michal Flisiuk's Suicide on October 29, 2009 in Front of L.S.U. Hospital in New Orleans and the Movie he Published,



Ready - Michal Flisiuk's Video Published Before Committing Suicide.

Michal Flisiuk left for his Final, Ultimate trip to New Orleans on October 25, 2009. He had scheduled appointment with Coleman Warner from the Times Picayune, and prior to Michal Flisiuk's departure the matter was well discussed on various occasions between both parties on the telephone. Yet, Warner turned him down. Michal Flisiuk spent 2 (two) days in New Orleans, shifting his son's, Marcel Flisiuk's paintings between the galleries; he also delivered the paintings from Maine to Barrister's Gallery for upcoming in the new year exhibit. Before leaving his home in Maine, he published the movie: HurricaneBlankaWhile in New Orleans, he published his last movie, originally titled: Traveler's Notes; the title understood by few close people. On October 29, 2009, Thursday, Michal Flisiuk committed suicide in front of L.S.U. Hospital, in front of the window of the room # 2, where his daughter, Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot was murdered on June 25th, 2007.  While in New Orleans those 2 days he was closely watched, since he was "stalking and videtaping" the murderers of his firstborn daughter. He "accomplished" the impossible, especially in New Orleans, not being arrested! They were depriving him from any connection with L.S.U. Hospital, and additional publicity. So, the L.S.U. Police Security had him under the close surveillance, until the very time of his suicide! They were the sole witnesses, could describe even the length of his hair and clothing he was wearing. In spite of Michal Flisiuk's suspicious activities on the L.S.U. 's campus - they did not arrest him! Instead they jeopardized any passerby, and/or the hospital's patients if the automobile in which Michal Flisiuk had died, exploded, as he intended! For the murderers' "reputation" Michal Flisiuk's sacrificing death was not prevented, and then, for the very same reason they disguised so obvious cause of death! They let him die, and then tried to rob him from his own death, and from what he died for. The friend of Michal and Marcel Flisiuk, policeman still on active duty, who knows John Gagliano- Chief Medical Investigator for the New Orleans Forensic Center, (name withheld) called Gagliano, trying to help Marcel Flisiuk ( will be addressed in separate Blog). John Gagliano was wining about [sic] Flisiuks' websites, told him about "stalking and filming"; concerned with unrelated social topics! John Gagliano who works for the elected Coroner, does not have medical, nor PH.D. credential! Listen and read the transcripts from the conversations with John Gagliano! They drove Michal Flisiuk to Death ( assisted Suicide, Manslaughter), and they wanted to deprive him from what he had died for! The family's personal feelings, and unbearable trauma cannot stop us from giving Michal Flisiuk the credits of his own intentions. It was and is Michal Flisiuk's Death. He had a strong Faith in God. He ruined many lives, as we all had been driven to the destruction by L.S.U. Hospital in New Orleans. We, the family hired the Funeral Home in Maine and transported Michal Flisiuk's Body to Maine. He was NOT cremated, as we made it clear that we do not wish that. Gagliano while aware of it, returned huband's, father's, grandfather's body DESECRATED! The body was in good condition, and recognizable, contrary to the earlier statements. His clothes was shredded, but not burnt, his socks, shoes were not destroyed at all, his pubic hair, genitals, legs were intact!  It was the post-autopsy NIGHTMARE! The body was not sewn together; hollow, split opened, with the organs and tissue placed in the garbage bag between the legs! The post autopsy trash: stained rugs, latex gloves was thrown on the body along with the diseased clothing, shoes, which were claimed to be burned in the fire. The cavities of the body were filled with massive amount of the toxic chemical dissolving the body into the liquid matter. There was no warning about existence and toxicity of the chemical. The body brought in the casket for the two days wake was abandoned, and later picked up by the Funeral Home to be cremated in Maine for just $350, while the funeral without refund was paid! We bought the special attire, and ordered flowers. The November 25, 2009 Burial never took place. Michal Flisiuk is not buried next to his beloved daughter, where two plots were waiting.

Teresa Flisiuk Chrzanowski  


Medicolegal Cases of Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot and Michal Flisiuk: FORENSIC PATHOLOGY by Teresa Flisiuk



Medicolegal Cases of Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot and Michal Flisiuk: FORENSIC PATHOLOGY by Teresa Flisiuk

WWLTV New Orleans



The family's trauma after delivery of the body for the Wake - the Funeral which never was!


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The condition of the body in which the family received it for the Wake and the Funeral.

Breaking News, Top Stories » Man burned to death in car parked outside of same New Orleans hospital his daughter died at 2 years ago By Ramon Antonio Vargas, The Times-Picayune November 04, 2009, 6:30PM



Breaking News, Top Stories »
Man burned to death in car parked outside of same New Orleans hospital his daughter died at 2 years ago
By Ramon Antonio Vargas, The Times-Picayune
November 04, 2009, 6:30PM

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Authorities are almost certain that a dead body found inside a burning car parked near a downtown hospital Oct. 29 was that of a 55-year-old man whose daughter died at the same hospital more than two years ago. Michal Flisiuk, 55, believed to be the man found inside a burning car outside of Interim LSU Public Hospital.Officials believe the death was either accidental or a suicide, though the man's wife and another daughter distrust their findings.

Coroner's investigators believe it was Michal Flisiuk that died inside a red Chevrolet Cavalier parked near the corner of South Johnson and Perdido streets shortly before 3:20 a.m. on a Thursday.

Interim LSU Public Hospital police officers found Flisiuk's car on fire and dialed 911. New Orleans firefighters doused the blaze - which was fueled with the help of an accelerant, according to authorities - and discovered a charred corpse behind the steering wheel, chief coroner's investigator John Gagliano said.

An autopsy later revealed that the man died as a result of inhaling a toxic amount of smoke, coroner Dr. Frank Minyard said.

He wasn't shot, stabbed or beaten unconscious, so investigators declined to classify his death a homicide. The only two possibilities left are that the man killed himself or died in an accidental fire, investigators say.

Coroner's officials haven't yet been able to confirm Flisiuk's identity because his family told them he had no dental records. Investigators will need to conduct a DNA test, and, with an external laboratory handling the process, results aren't expected for several weeks, Gagliano said.

But the body's physical attributes and details about the car led investigators to believe the dead man is Flisiuk, Gagliano said. His wife, Teresa, told authorities that it was her husband after he hadn't been in touch since hours before the car fire.

Still grieving daughter

Flisiuk, a Polish-born father of four, drove to New Orleans during the last week of October to deliver paintings created by his artist son, 34-year-old Marcel, to a gallery, according to his wife. He had come to town repeatedly to visit the Interim LSU Public Hospital since the death there of his daughter, Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot. Peridot, a poet once based in Bywater, gave birth to a still-born boy in June 2007, according to medical information supplied on a Web site created by her family. The 31-year-old died one day later, "and we have never recovered," Teresa Flisiuk said in an interview.

Image and video hosting by TinyPicCourtesy of the Flisiuk familyBlanka Peridot, Flisiuk's daughter, who died at Interim LSU Public Hospital in June 2007. Her parents then created a series of Web sites alleging that gross neglect and wrongdoing by several hospital staff members "murdered" their daughter. Hospital officials declined to comment on Peridot's death.

In late October, Michal Flisiuk called The Times-Picayune from Maine, asking the newspaper to help him investigate his daughter's death.

Speaking to Assistant City Editor Coleman Warner, Flisiuk echoed sentiments expressed on his Web sites and said he sought a sense of justice in the matter.

Complaints with medical authorities had gone nowhere, he said. Disagreements with an attorney he considered hiring stopped him from taking legal action. The family filed a complaint with the state attorney general, but Flisiuk said he was unable to find out the status of the matter.

Flisiuk said he hoped to meet Warner during his stay in New Orleans the last week of October. At midweek, Flisiuk called Warner in New Orleans, but the editor declined to immediately arrange a meeting.

Though he didn't rule out the possibility that the newspaper would consider writing about the case, Warner said the newspaper needed to see evidence of action or response to the family's complaints by other agencies.

Flisiuk was angered by the editor's response. At 1:02 a.m. Oct. 29, about two hours before he is believed to have been found burning in the car, he sent an e-mail message to Warner, criticizing him.

"I cannot believe you were not outraged at any moment of our conversations," the message said, accusing the editor of having a "clogged heart." The message also quoted a medical chart allegedly prepared during his daughter's stay at the hospital: "Patients screams for no reason."

About four hours before sending his e-mail to Warner, Flisiuk sent one last e-mail to his wife.

"Most of all I beg your forgiveness for everything bad," opened the message, provided to The Times-Picayune by his wife. It later stated, "Coleman Warner refused to see me, as it is 'no story' for him ... Nothing of us is in this place."

Flisiuk and his family emigrated from Poland to New England in 1981 and moved to Mid-City in New Orleans five years later.

He worked at the city's mosquito control office. Teresa wrote poetry, which appeared in a Polish-American newspaper published in New York. Their kids, Marcel and Blanka, sold drawings and booklets of poetry they created in Jackson Square, when they weren't in class at St. Alphonsus School in the Irish Channel. Their sister Carmen, now 28, dreamed of playing the violin, according to a 1987 Times-Picayune profile of the family.

As the years passed, Marcel found success with local collectors. Local art galleries showed and sold his work. Blanka created poetry in the Bywater. She had a daughter, Sabbath, now 11, and graduated from the University of Maine with a degree in forestry.

Michael and Teresa Flisiuk also have two other children: Francis, now 17, and Zelda, now 15.

"We were all artistic," Teresa Flisiuk said. "We were not conventional."

Peridot's death dealt a devastating blow to the family. They all eventually moved to Maine. There, Michal Flisiuk, a photographer and painter, shifted his focus to sending his youngest children to college and on keeping the family together.

"He was the strongest human being I knew," Flisiuk's daughter Carmen said. "He kept us afloat."

That is why Carmen and her mother don't think Flisiuk committed suicide or even died accidentally. They said they believe the Web sites he helped create made him a mortal enemy of certain people, and they distrust the findings of authorities probing his death.

But some facts suggest the possibility of an accident.

On Oct. 21, while Flisiuk was still in Maine, a state trooper ticketed him for burning items he wasn't permitted to burn along Route 3 in the community of China, according to a report in a state police blotter.

Teresa Flisiuk said they were items from the family's basement and attic.

He also smoked cigarettes sporadically, his wife and daughter said.

Gagliano said that one possible scenario investigators are probing is one in which he fell asleep in the car while holding a cigarette, which may have ignited an accelerant he stored in the car.

Either way, Flisiuk's family is left coming to grips with a confusing tragedy. They also must wait for the DNA test results before they can recover their patriarch's body and bury him.

Teresa Flisiuk said, "It is a horror."

Ramon Antonio Vargas can be reached at or at 504.826.3371.


Body burned in car leaves many unanswered questions



Body burned in car leaves many unanswered questions

by Katie Moore / Eyewitness News

Posted on November 3, 2009 at 6:28 PM

Updated Tuesday, Nov 3 at 6:40 PM
NEW ORLEANS -- A family from Maine believes their loved one may have died in a car burning outside of University Hospital in New Orleans last week.

One of those family members traveled from Maine to New Orleans trying to find some answers, but those answers are hard to come by.

Michal Flisiuk shot a video driving down to New Orleans last week. It's the last time he was seen.

Flisiuk's car was found outside of University Hospital at 3 a.m. last Thursday, with a body burning inside of it. Investigators said they think it's Flisiuk, but the coroner hasn’t been able to identify the body.

On the video, you can see him traveling to University Hospital. He had gone there many times since his daughter died at the hospital in 2007.

32-year-old Blanka Peridot died a day after giving birth to a stillborn boy. University Hospital officials wouldn't comment on her death.

"I just know that's the hospital where my sister died,” said artist Marcel Flisiuk, who came back to New Orleans this week to handle what he believes are his father’s burned remains.

The night before his car was found burning, Michal Flisiuk talked to Marcel, a painter who started painting in New Orleans at a young age, but moved to Maine after his sister’s death in 2007.

"I was in the process of changing galleries and I had asked him to put paintings in a new gallery in New Orleans and also to deliver this painting to the Father Seelos Shrine,” Flisiuk said.

It's a surrealistic portrayal of Father Seelos outside the Convention Center after Katrina and it'll soon have a permanent home at the Josephine Street Shrine.

Workers there helped Marcel pay for his trip back to New Orleans. He spent much time at the Shrine when he lived here.
Marcel had hoped to meet with detectives and deal with what both he and New Orleans Police said they believe are his father’s burned remains.

"They ruled out murder. That it was either accidental or suicidal and my father wouldn't have been suicidal,” Flisiuk said.

Orleans Parish Coroner Dr. Frank Minyard said the initial autopsy shows the man in the car died of smoke inhalation, but that he’s still waiting on toxicology tests.

Minyard said there were no signs the badly-burned man was hit on the head, or evidence of gunshot wounds, for example.

Marcel can't get access to the remains because they haven't been identified yet. He said his father never went to the dentist, and therefore, there are no dental records for the coroner to compare.

“They wouldn't let me see his remains. Because I thought that would be the way I could identify him so that we could go with that and I could get his remains,” Flisiuk said.

It makes for a difficult time, with the family now doubly grief-stricken, first for Blanka, and now, for Michal.

Because the coroner has ruled the incident was not a homicide, he said the city typically doesn't conduct a DNA test to confirm the identity of the victim.

The NOPD would then close out the case as an accident or suicide with an unknown victim. But the Coroner said that process will get done in this very unusual case to allow the family to properly bury the remains back in Maine.



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Michal Flisiuk's Inferno in New Orleans and John Gagliano's Pathology of the Forensics

Michal Flisiuk's Inferno in New Orleans and John Gagliano's Pathology of the Forensics



Comment to You Tube video "Marcel Flisiuk Recovering His Father's Body" from 07NewYorker:

Body burned in car leaves many unanswered questions.

[...] PS - I forgot my phone rung at 8.09 pm from 504 483 3847 and somebody wanted to talk to Brandon Perez thinking it's his number - from Michal Flisiuk's e-mail from New Orleans.

"Did you e-mail Detective Aucoin? I think you may want to tell him that Brandon Perez figures pretty prominently on Michal's Web site.-Ramon"- from Times Picayune
"I would like to emphasize that my husband's death is NOT an accident. Our enemies knew he was in town. He could had been kidnapped, drugged, beaten; hurt without new Orleans' bullet in the head! Have you secured L.S.U.'s surveillance cameras? Was his phone found?! Please, check our websites: www., www., www., as well, as other internet publications. I KNOW NEW ORLEANS.
I shall not allow any cover -up.Was my husband on the front or back seat? I am confused, exhausted, and in the state of shock.But there is many questions. I consider it a conflict of interest that the same pathologist, John Gagliano,the Chief Medical Investigator in the NOLA's FORENSIC CENTER,without M.D., or PH.D. credentials was in charge of my husband's autopsy, the same one who was involved in the death of my daughter. The pathologist gave only a hypothetical cause of death without scientific proof e.g. antemortem and postmortem burns. PRESENCE of postmortem epidural hematoma
( postmortem fire epidurals)? Presence of soot in "smoke inhalation" ( in larynx, trachea, and bronchi) ? Was the Cyanide tested? There is more.Have you followed Brandon Perez "call"?For the body to be in the charred condition - it takes a long time. Nothing noticed in front of the busy public hospital?! Most unlikely. And I believe that the manner of death must be investigated. Why pathologist who contacted me was personally predisposed against me?".-Teresa Flisiuk
Category: News & Politics
4WWLTV New Orleans News TV Michal Flisiuk Marcel Flisiuk Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Angela Hills Times Picayune Coleman Warner Ramon Vargas John Gagliano Frank Minyard Ryan J. Aucoin Brandon Perez Lorissia Autery Gabriella Pridjian Roberta Lottinger Ronald Clisham Paul Samm Beatrice Okechukwu Aurora Carter Rodney Hoxsey Diego Lopez Osa Ghazala Ahmed Azam Thomas Nolan Bradley Kieffer William P. Newman

Michal Flisiuk, the adored and loved fatherleft for the short trip to New Orleans, having a prearranged meeting with Coleman Warner from the Times Picayune, where he arrived on Tuesday, October 27th, 2009. Two days later he was burned to death in his vehicle in front of L.S.U. Hospital, being seen there just prior to the fire! Being watched!... The family was told that he was "burnt beyond the recognition", while the vehicle and its content, including the papers, suffered only the water damage! This I will dispute, and prove otherwise in the following post.
The Homicide Detective, Ray Aucoin, had promised to take Marcel Flisiuk, the son of Michal Flisiuk, to the morgue, and to release to him the personal belongings from the "police dryer" (telephone conversations, e-mails). He had done nothing for him after my e-mail (above). The substance of this tragedy cannot yet be published,
including the shocking photographs/videos! In February of 2010 we do not have even the Death Certificate! Why? This will be explained too.
Another E-mail to Detective Ray Aucoin ( more will follow, since he was still "cooperating" with me in December 2009!
Ms. Flisiuk,

In response to you email, I apologize for not being readily available this morning, I have other obligations including the investigation into your husbands death. As the investigation goes, I am awaiting the results of the final ruling by the Coroner's Office. As of right now, I have not been able to corroborate any information that would lead me to believe foul play was involved. I am awaiting the results from the Coroner as well as the Arson Investigator. As far as your son's visit to the city, I will make every effort possible to meet with him as soon as possible. If he could call and leave a number I can contact him at, it would be appreciated. I will be in contact with you as soon as time allows me. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.
Detective Ryan Aucoin
New Orleans Police Department
Homicide Section
715 South Broad Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
Office: 504-658-5300
Direct: 504-658-5310
Cell: 504-941-1712
Fax: 504-658-6679

----- Original Message -----
From: Teresa Chrzanowski
To: Ryan J. Aucoin
Sent: Mon Nov 02 13:45:35 2009
Subject: in regard to your commitments upon Marcel Flisiuk's arrival

Dear Sir.,
As you are aware of it by now, my son, Marcel Flisiuk, my daughter, Carmen Flisiuk Bilodeau, and I, made several attempts to contact you since:
1). Det. Hamilton informed me that you are the investigating Detective in my husband's death/homicide,
2). When I've spoken with you on the telephone, you've given me your direct telephone number ( calling back if I wouldn't be able to reach you), promised to take my son, Marcel Flisiuk to the morgue on Monday morning on Nov 2nd, 2009, to release to my son, Marcel Flisiuk all the paper recovered from my husband's vehicle ( in your 24hrs dryer),
3). You are the Chief Investigator in this case
4) Your only concern was that I will not talk to the press ( when we talked on the telephone which I had recorded)
5). You are in the possession of the vital piece of evidence, you are only entitled to as an investigator.
After my morning e-mail you had not fulfilled none of your promises, as well, as your responsibilities.
Teresa Flisiuk

Following posts will explain why, while paying for the Funeral, buying the clothes, flowers, there was not the Funeral for Michal Flisiuk, and why he was cremated in Maine!
Teresa Flisiuk Chrzanowski



By Blanka

Mother, If You Could See Me Now
If You could see me now
Could You figure out how
My smile, my shape, my gait, my brow
Have all gone down
Did they drown?
Am I unhappy?
Or was I once
Experiencing an ounce
Of what they call
Gladness, joy, happiness, escape
These feelings I cannot drape
Over my shoulders
Like a gilded cape
Am I the image that life raped?
Am I the one left all alone?
Heart torn up, mouth agape
And if they get me
(Already did)
Can I escape
Can I get rid
Of them around me
The [...] inside me
If you have to
Will you hide me?
Should you, though
I know I can’t
She shall walk in her own damned cant
Should I treasure, hide and gleam
Or teach and push and squeal and steam
Am I the mother or the daughter?
What lessons learned from
One or other?
Can I be one and not another?

Who Killed Blanka Peridot -Q&A