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  •  Michal Flisiuk left Maine, where he resided at 1575 Rt.3, South China, Maine 04358,
On Sunday, October 25, 2009, driving to New Orleans for the scheduled, prearranged meeting with Coleman Warner from Times Picayune.

  • Michal Flisiuk arrived in New Orleans on Tuesday, October 27,2009.
  • Michal Flisiuk’s contact with the family ( via telephone and e-mails was unusually sparse, and atypical.
  • Michal Flisiuk was delivering his son’s, Marcel Flisiuk’s paintings for the Show to the Barrister’s Gallery, which he did, as well, as dealing with other galleries, where his son was permanent artist, selling his artwork over the years.
  •  Michal Flisiuk in New Orleans published his video on You Tube: “Traveler’s Notes”
In which he clearly outlined his intentions; personal have to be explained, but the obvious were the music (“House of the Rising Sun”), and the chilling end, where the video ends, when he turns exactly to the place where he had died: in front of the Hospital’s ICU room #2, where his daughter, Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot had been murdered.
  • Teresa Flisiuk, the wife of Michal Flisiuk deleted the video, found by the family after Michal Flisiuk’s death; the reason was to prevent socially motivated cause of death, rather than scientific, clinical.
  •  Before Michal Flisiuk left Maine for New Orleans he published on You Tube his video “Hurricane Blanka”.
  •  In the e-mail to Teresa Flisiuk, Michal Flisiuk wrote that he had received the phone call, and someone was asking for Brandon Perez; Michal Flisiuk specified the phone number from which he had received that call, and time. Brandon Perez was the resident who on admission of Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot’s declared her baby “macerated” - "Delivery of a macerated infant is absolute evidence of an intrauterine death. If a fetus dies in utero, it is suspended in sterile fluid within an
    intact amniotic sac. There it undergoes aseptic autolytic changes-maceration. These changes result from the infant's tissue and cellular enzymes aided by thefavorable body temperature. The earliest sign of maceration in astillborn is skin slippage. This may be present as early as 6 h after death in utero and is EXPECTED if the child has been dead in uteromore than 12 h".
  •  On the early afternoon, October 29, 2009 the family received a phone call; Marcel Flisiuk answered, and was at first hesitant to answer any questions, since the person had not identified himself, and asked only about the possession of his father’s vehicle, without mentioning his father at all; not even a name. It was strange indeed.
  •  Teresa Flisiuk took the phone, asked for the name. The caller was John Gagliano, the Chief Medical Investigator ( not medical, nor PH.D. doctor ), working for elected Coroner, Frank Minyard, both involved in Blanka Teresa Flisiuk Peridot’s illegal autopsy ( autopsy authorized to be performed at L.S.U. Hospital by its pathologist, while the death is stated on the record: “unexplained death”, “Coroner’s Case” – conflict of interest ).
  •  John Gagliano conducted himself in hostile, unethical manner ( irritated, rude, contradictive, inappropriate in addressing such tragedy to the wife of the diseased).
  •  John Gagliano while saying that the body “was charred beyond recognition”, insisted the positive identification of Michal Flisiuk, ruled out the homicide, and offered the cause of death: smoke inhalation ( on the day of death ). “How do you know it’s him?!”, [sic] “Because he was SEEN there just before” – recorded records of John Gagliano’s contradictions.
  •  John Gagliano informed Teresa Flisiuk also about papers and some belongings which suffered only water damage, and were in “police dryer”, what Teresa Flisiuk skeptically questioned; how papers can survive such fire, but John Gagliano was steadfast on that subject from the very beginning. See attached recordings and transcripts.
  •  John Gagliano informed that the death is investigated by the Homicide and Fire Department. Teresa Flisiuk called the Homicide Police in New Orleans and was informed by Detective Hamilton that the case is under the investigation by Detective Ray Aucoin. Detective Ray Aucoin was nice and what seemed at a time, understanding. Marcel Flisiuk, the son of Michal Flisiuk was leaving for New Orleans, and Detective Ray Aucoin PROMISED: to release papers from the 24h dryer and other belongings to Marcel Flisiuk, to meet with him to take him to the morgue to view and identify the body, as well, as offered his “moral support”.
  •  Marcel Flisiuk arrived in New Orleans on Sunday, November 1st, 2009.
  •  Before Marcel Flisiuk’s arrival in New Orleans, Teresa Flisiuk wrote an e-mail to Detective Ray Aucoin, which halted everything! At that point the family had not believed that diseased is in fact Michal Flisiuk.
E-Mail to Detective Ray Aucoin from Teresa Flisiuk:
Detective Aucoin,
My son, Marcel Flisiuk is in New Orleans to identify his father's body and to take care of other grim arrangements. He is emotionally broken, but prepared for this unbelievable task...
I would like to emphasize that my husband's death is NOT an accident. Our enemies knew he was in town. He could had been kidnapped, drugged, beaten; hurt without new Orleans' bulletin the head! Have you secured L.S.U.'s
Surveillance cameras? Was his phone found?! Please, check our websites: www.,
www., www., as well, as other internet publications.
I KNOW NEW ORLEANS.I shall not allow any cover -up.
Was my husband on the front or back seat? I am confused, exhausted, and in the state of shock. But there is many questions. I consider it a conflict of interest that the same pathologist in charge of my husband's autopsy, is the same one who was involved in the death of my daughter. The pathologist gave only a hypothetical cause of death without scientific proof e.g. antemortem and postmortem burns.
PRESENCE of postmortem epidural hematoma ( postmortem fire epidurals)? Presence of soot in "smoke inhalation" ( in larynx, trachea, and bronchi) ? Was the Cyanide tested? There is more... Have you followed Brandon Perez "call"?
For the body to be in the charred condition - it takes a long time. Nothing noticed in front of the busy public hospital?! Most unlikely... And I believe that the manner of death must be investigated. Why pathologist who contacted me was personally predisposed against me?...
Most Sincerely,
Teresa Flisiuk

Teresa Chrzanowski [Chat now]
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Mon, November 2, 2009 5:15:50 AM
Teresa Chrzanowski
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After this e-mail Marcel Flisiuk could not accomplish anything at all! He wrote about his grim journey, and his experiences with authorities involved in her mother’s, Teresa Flisiuk’s Blog:
Another exchange between Teresa Flisiuk and Detective Ray Aucoin:
Mon, November 2, 2009 4:11:55 PM
Teresa Chrzanowski
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Dear Sir,
My son's, Marcel Flisiuk's telephone number: (207) 458-6168.
Please, do read my first, this morning's e-mail!
The cause of death is" up" to the forensic pathologist, but the manner of death has to be established by the law enforcement. In
medical, as well, as criminal sciences there is no room for "I believe", and/or "I think". My son, Marcel Flisiuk is not VISITING New
Orleans. His father took his paintings. Marcel Flisiuk has gone to identify the body of the father he loves and admire! He worries about
the mother and his very young siblings he's left behind in Maine. This is the overkill!!!
We are NOT like common people we deal with!!!
Below copied and pasted - to remind you:

1) Det. Greg Hamilton - first I spoke with nola homicide informed that Det. Ryan Aucoin is in charge of the investigation.
was given his name.
nola homicide - 504- 658- 5300
504- 658-5310- detective Ryan Aucoin
Spoke with: gave his direct number, promised to take Marcel to the morgue on Monday morning, to give him the papers from the
Michal's car ( dryer ! ), allow Marcel to take photographs - before Marcel left for nola ( flew on Sunday, Nov 1, 2009 from Manchester
N.H. and arrived in nola on early evening on Sunday same day).

2). On monday morning, I sent e-mails for Det. Ryan Aucoin
3) After my e-mail - Marcel cannot reach anyone!

4) MON Nov, 2nd, 2009 Teresa called and left a message on Det. Aucoin direct line and later Carmen called general homicide
and left another message and was told that Det. Aucoin will not be in until the afternoon. Marcel called fire department
and fire investigation is ongoing and called regarding Papa's vehicle and it was impounded by Coroner's Office.
Forensic tests are performed out-of-state and are not available up to three months!

Please, go with Marcel Flisiuk to the morgue; as the investigator you must witness the identification!!! Then keep your
own promises/statements!!!

As Sincerely as possible,
Mrs. Teresa Flisiuk

From: Ryan J. Aucoin

Cc: "Daniel E. McMullen, Jr"

Sent: Mon, November 2, 2009 3:08:30 PM
Subject: Re: in regard to your commitments upon Marcel Flisiuk's arrival

Mrs. Flisiuk,

In response to you email, I apologize for not being readily available this morning, I have other obligations
including the investigation into your husbands death. As the investigation goes, I am awaiting the results of
the final ruling by the Coroner's Office. As of right now, I have not been able to corroborate any information that
would lead me to believe foul play was involved. I am awaiting the results from the Coroner as well as the Arson Investigator.
As far as your son's visit to the city, I will make every effort possible to meet with him as soon as possible.
If he could call and leave a number I can contact him at, it would be appreciated. I will be in contact with you
as soon as time allows me. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.
Detective Ryan Aucoin
New Orleans Police Department
Homicide Section
715 South Broad Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
Office: 504-658-5300
Direct: 504-658-5310
Cell: 504-941-1712
Fax: 504-658-6679
  •   Michal Flisiuk’s and Marcel Flisiuk’s friend, Tony Pontiff, the Police Officer, offers to help Marcel, and calls John Gagliano, whom he knows. John Gagliano told him that we have “all those Websites”, that Michal Flisiuk was stalking and filming doctors and nurses, and questions what was he doing in the city: Medical Forensic Investigator addressing the social issues unrelated to his duties! Michal Flisiuk was under close surveillance, and HAD NOT BEEN ARRESTED – NOT TO CONNECT HIM TO L.S.U. and the MURDER OF BLANKA PERIDOT, the case which would, if Michal Flisiuk had been arrested, fuel further the infamous publicity of Michal Flisiuk’s daughter’s murder! Listen to the tape how they “seen him just before he died” IN FRONT OF THEM! Michal Flisiuk was dangerous to himself, and others. He intended for his car to explode in front of the hospital! What about passersby and/or the patients? Where are Michal Flisiuk’s camera’s and belongings, including his telephone?! 

  • Teresa Flisiuk in order to find out if John Gagliano will cover-up the SUICIDE, conducts phone calls in the manner of “playing stupid”, and as concerned about the “unfavorable” cause of death. It worked. See attached recordings and transcripts.
  •   Marcel Flisiuk makes an appearance on 4WWLTV News, and “accomplishes” unnecessary DNA testing ( Michal Flisiuk was unfortunately easily identified by the family. The original copy of news airing can be e-mailed.
  •   Police Report of the “body burned in the vehicle in front of L.S.U. Hospital:
On Thursday, October 29, 2009, at 3:43 am, Officer Isaac Shannon Manning Unit 105C of the First District received a call via N.O.P.D. dispatcher to investigate a scene a signal at S. Johnson and Perdido. Upon arrival the officer spoke with reporting person, Willie Jones, a police officer with LSU police department. Jones stated that on Thursday, October 29th, 2009, at 3:15am he observed a red sedan parked at the intersection of S.Johnson and Perdido . Jones stated that he observed a white male, 5;10", 190lbs wearing a black and brown jacket and brown pants, working under the hood of the red sedan and assumed the unknown w/m was working on the vehicle. Jones stated that he went inside of the medical building also located at S. Johnson and Perdido. Jones stated that on Thursday, October 29, 2009 at 3:18am a hospital employee came inside the building and informed him that a car was on fire outside. Upon exiting the builidng Jones observed that the red sedan at the intersection was on fire and notified the N.O.F.D.
The officer interviewed, Marcan Haynes, a firefighter with the N.O.F.D. engine 14 who stated that while putting out the flames he observed a severely burned body in the front seat of the vehicle that appeared to be deceased. Once Haynes noticed the body he contacted dispatch and gave dispatch more info to gove to the N.O.P.D. units en route.
Officer Shannon observed a severely burned body in the front drivers seat of the vehicle with its frame (inellegible) leaning to the right. Officer Shannon observed areas of the body that appeared to be untouched by the flame and
observed the skin to be fair. The officer further observes testicles on the body revealing the sex. The officer observed no signs of foul play, however it is still unknown.
New Orleans EMS Unit 3166 was on scene to render aid and check for signs of life but to no avail. Engine S-14 of the N.O.F.D. was on scene to extinguish the flames of the burning vehicle.
John Gagliano and Donna Wacker from the coroners were on scene to conduct their own investigation. Crime Lab unit 4151 of N.O.P.D. homicide was on scene to supervise the investihgation of the incident.
Raymond Holland Unit 4222 of the N.O.F.D.'s arson investigation unit was on scene to conduct his own investigation.

All witnesses are the Police officers! How convenient!

  •   The family in Maine hired the Funeral Home in Augusta, Maine, Knowlton Hewins Roberts under the condition that the body shall be transported from New Orleans, and was not to be cremated in either State. The Funeral arrangements were made, paid, flowers ordered, clothes bought and delivered to the Funeral Home, and the coffin was brought home in China, Maine for the 2 days Wake before the November 25, 2009 Burial at Branch Mills Cemetery where Blanka Peridot and her baby, Clancy are resting, and where the family owns two plots next to them. The Casket was placed in the wife’s bedroom. All family members had personal artifacts to be placed in the Coffin. They LIED and desecrated the Body! When we opened the coffin there was heavy duty “disaster bag” and the clothes was put on the top of it. Tsunami or Katrina victims had not been placed in such bags! It was double-layered. THERE WAS NO HAZARD WARNING! When the family opened the bag, it was not the body which caused mental and physiological TRAUMA. It was the massive of toxic caustic chemical covering the hollowed body! The body was never post-autopsy closed. The trash bag with organs and tissues was placed between the diseased legs. The trash covered the body: latex gloves, stained rugs. The UNBURNED clothes and shoes of Michal Flisiuk was dumped there too. The body was NOT “burned beyond recognition”. The TRUE HORROR was a courtesy of John Gagliano! Everybody in the entire house had to evacuate! Everybody was coughing, and there was dangerous asthma attack and asthma setback for Michal Flisiuk’s wife. There was no time to take basic belongings! Next day the Funeral Home took back the Coffin. The chemical was dissolving everything into liquid. That’s why the body had to be cremated. For $350.oo bargain… At night, two family members, armed in military masks, went back to take photographs and film.
  •   AUTOPSY it is visual and microscopic examination and INVESTIGATION. Michal Flisiuk had not had skull trepanation to see the brain for color, swelling, weight, form; Michal Flisiuk’s brain was pulled through his throat!!! Who paid or rather played with this “autopsy”?! John Gagliano was in charge.
  •   DEATH CERTIFICATE received in February 2010. Cause of death: undetermined.
  •   Papers, belongings were never returned. The family has a shoe and the scent ( sealed).

 -  Hundreds of photographs
  -   Videos
 - Audios: John Gagliano, Ray Aucoin
 - E-mails
  -Diseased shoes
  -Police Report
 - New Orleans News video
-Michal Flisiuk’s e-mails
 - Funeral Home's documents
 - Insurance Company: audios, documents
  -Photos of the impounded vehicle 

 - Death Certificate 
and more! 

From Michal Flisiuk's Shoes which John Gagliano dumped on the Body with caustic chemical.

From Michal Flisiuk's Shoes which John Gagliano dumped on the Body with caustic chemical.

From Michal Flisiuk's Shoes which John Gagliano dumped on the Body with caustic chemical.

From Michal Flisiuk's Shoes which John Gagliano dumped on the Body with caustic chemical.

From Michal Flisiuk's Shoes which John Gagliano dumped on the Body with caustic chemical.

By Blanka

Mother, If You Could See Me Now
If You could see me now
Could You figure out how
My smile, my shape, my gait, my brow
Have all gone down
Did they drown?
Am I unhappy?
Or was I once
Experiencing an ounce
Of what they call
Gladness, joy, happiness, escape
These feelings I cannot drape
Over my shoulders
Like a gilded cape
Am I the image that life raped?
Am I the one left all alone?
Heart torn up, mouth agape
And if they get me
(Already did)
Can I escape
Can I get rid
Of them around me
The [...] inside me
If you have to
Will you hide me?
Should you, though
I know I can’t
She shall walk in her own damned cant
Should I treasure, hide and gleam
Or teach and push and squeal and steam
Am I the mother or the daughter?
What lessons learned from
One or other?
Can I be one and not another?

Who Killed Blanka Peridot -Q&A