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The WWLTV video from the New Orleans TV News aired on November 3, 2009 was a result of Mrs. Joyce Bourgeois (from the Father Seelos Center) contacting the media on behalf of Marcel Flisiuk, the son of Michal Flisiuk who had perished in front of L.S.U. hospital on October 29, 2009.See Marcel Flisiuk's narrative comments of his ordeal while claiming his father's body.
I would like to thank Mrs. Angela Hills from WWLTV for the fair and balanced coverage, and all from the Father Seelos Center for their assistance, understanding, and everything they had done for Marcel Flisiuk and his family.
God Bless You.
Teresa Flisiuk Chrzanowski

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By Blanka

Mother, If You Could See Me Now
If You could see me now
Could You figure out how
My smile, my shape, my gait, my brow
Have all gone down
Did they drown?
Am I unhappy?
Or was I once
Experiencing an ounce
Of what they call
Gladness, joy, happiness, escape
These feelings I cannot drape
Over my shoulders
Like a gilded cape
Am I the image that life raped?
Am I the one left all alone?
Heart torn up, mouth agape
And if they get me
(Already did)
Can I escape
Can I get rid
Of them around me
The [...] inside me
If you have to
Will you hide me?
Should you, though
I know I can’t
She shall walk in her own damned cant
Should I treasure, hide and gleam
Or teach and push and squeal and steam
Am I the mother or the daughter?
What lessons learned from
One or other?
Can I be one and not another?

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