Michal Flisiuk's Inferno in New Orleans and John Gagliano's Pathology of the Forensics



Comment to You Tube video "Marcel Flisiuk Recovering His Father's Body" from 07NewYorker:

Body burned in car leaves many unanswered questions.

[...] PS - I forgot my phone rung at 8.09 pm from 504 483 3847 and somebody wanted to talk to Brandon Perez thinking it's his number - from Michal Flisiuk's e-mail from New Orleans.

"Did you e-mail Detective Aucoin? I think you may want to tell him that Brandon Perez figures pretty prominently on Michal's Web site.-Ramon"- from Times Picayune
"I would like to emphasize that my husband's death is NOT an accident. Our enemies knew he was in town. He could had been kidnapped, drugged, beaten; hurt without new Orleans' bullet in the head! Have you secured L.S.U.'s surveillance cameras? Was his phone found?! Please, check our websites: www.http://michalflisiuk.com, www.http://blankaperidot.com, www.http://teresaflisiuk.info, as well, as other internet publications. I KNOW NEW ORLEANS.
I shall not allow any cover -up.Was my husband on the front or back seat? I am confused, exhausted, and in the state of shock.But there is many questions. I consider it a conflict of interest that the same pathologist, John Gagliano,the Chief Medical Investigator in the NOLA's FORENSIC CENTER,without M.D., or PH.D. credentials was in charge of my husband's autopsy, the same one who was involved in the death of my daughter. The pathologist gave only a hypothetical cause of death without scientific proof e.g. antemortem and postmortem burns. PRESENCE of postmortem epidural hematoma
( postmortem fire epidurals)? Presence of soot in "smoke inhalation" ( in larynx, trachea, and bronchi) ? Was the Cyanide tested? There is more.Have you followed Brandon Perez "call"?For the body to be in the charred condition - it takes a long time. Nothing noticed in front of the busy public hospital?! Most unlikely. And I believe that the manner of death must be investigated. Why pathologist who contacted me was personally predisposed against me?".-Teresa Flisiuk
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Michal Flisiuk, the adored and loved fatherleft for the short trip to New Orleans, having a prearranged meeting with Coleman Warner from the Times Picayune, where he arrived on Tuesday, October 27th, 2009. Two days later he was burned to death in his vehicle in front of L.S.U. Hospital, being seen there just prior to the fire! Being watched!... The family was told that he was "burnt beyond the recognition", while the vehicle and its content, including the papers, suffered only the water damage! This I will dispute, and prove otherwise in the following post.
The Homicide Detective, Ray Aucoin, had promised to take Marcel Flisiuk, the son of Michal Flisiuk, to the morgue, and to release to him the personal belongings from the "police dryer" (telephone conversations, e-mails). He had done nothing for him after my e-mail (above). The substance of this tragedy cannot yet be published,
including the shocking photographs/videos! In February of 2010 we do not have even the Death Certificate! Why? This will be explained too.
Another E-mail to Detective Ray Aucoin ( more will follow, since he was still "cooperating" with me in December 2009!
Ms. Flisiuk,

In response to you email, I apologize for not being readily available this morning, I have other obligations including the investigation into your husbands death. As the investigation goes, I am awaiting the results of the final ruling by the Coroner's Office. As of right now, I have not been able to corroborate any information that would lead me to believe foul play was involved. I am awaiting the results from the Coroner as well as the Arson Investigator. As far as your son's visit to the city, I will make every effort possible to meet with him as soon as possible. If he could call and leave a number I can contact him at, it would be appreciated. I will be in contact with you as soon as time allows me. Thanks in advance for your time and consideration in this matter.
Detective Ryan Aucoin
New Orleans Police Department
Homicide Section
715 South Broad Street
New Orleans, Louisiana 70119
Office: 504-658-5300
Direct: 504-658-5310
Cell: 504-941-1712
Fax: 504-658-6679
email: rjaucoin@cityofno.com

----- Original Message -----
From: Teresa Chrzanowski
To: Ryan J. Aucoin
Sent: Mon Nov 02 13:45:35 2009
Subject: in regard to your commitments upon Marcel Flisiuk's arrival

Dear Sir.,
As you are aware of it by now, my son, Marcel Flisiuk, my daughter, Carmen Flisiuk Bilodeau, and I, made several attempts to contact you since:
1). Det. Hamilton informed me that you are the investigating Detective in my husband's death/homicide,
2). When I've spoken with you on the telephone, you've given me your direct telephone number ( calling back if I wouldn't be able to reach you), promised to take my son, Marcel Flisiuk to the morgue on Monday morning on Nov 2nd, 2009, to release to my son, Marcel Flisiuk all the paper recovered from my husband's vehicle ( in your 24hrs dryer),
3). You are the Chief Investigator in this case
4) Your only concern was that I will not talk to the press ( when we talked on the telephone which I had recorded)
5). You are in the possession of the vital piece of evidence, you are only entitled to as an investigator.
After my morning e-mail you had not fulfilled none of your promises, as well, as your responsibilities.
Teresa Flisiuk

Following posts will explain why, while paying for the Funeral, buying the clothes, flowers, there was not the Funeral for Michal Flisiuk, and why he was cremated in Maine!
Teresa Flisiuk Chrzanowski

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It's truly crazy; everything that has happened to my mother and the rest of my family. All that we have been through are shocking tragedies and lies. The people in charge couldn't even stick with one story, and never answered any of our many questions. Do you think it's right that both my sister and father died on LSU premises and they did absolutely nothing about it. Is it right that it happened right in front of their eyes? It's one thing that these two beloved, amazing people are now not with us, but it's also another that we can't receive justice, answers, or even the belonging from my father's car!! Nobody has a slightest clue what this family is going through. Michal Flisiuk; my Papa was and still is a huge part of my life. He was always there for me, and I have learned so much from him. I love him so much, and I can't wait to see him again. I know he is thinking of me and the rest of my family just like we are thinking of him. Not a moment goes by. His life was my Mama, and it's apparent to anyone that knew him that he loved her with everything he had. He was so strong, and when it comes down to it, it's LSU's fault that this happened. This is not right.

What's happened to this family is absolutley uncomprhensible to most people. There are not many family's in this world unlucky enough to fo through what we have. No mother in the world should have to endure such pain and suffering as my mother has. We don't expect you, our readers to understand. You don't have to understand our life. We don't even understand what's happened! We just want you to be aware of the TRUTH. What really happened to our beautiful family. People should start opening their eyes, to the horrific things around them. Legal murders are happening all over this country. You don't need to go see a movie, unbelievable things are indeed happening, just because they aren't happening to you. Don't wait to pay the price.

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By Blanka

Mother, If You Could See Me Now
If You could see me now
Could You figure out how
My smile, my shape, my gait, my brow
Have all gone down
Did they drown?
Am I unhappy?
Or was I once
Experiencing an ounce
Of what they call
Gladness, joy, happiness, escape
These feelings I cannot drape
Over my shoulders
Like a gilded cape
Am I the image that life raped?
Am I the one left all alone?
Heart torn up, mouth agape
And if they get me
(Already did)
Can I escape
Can I get rid
Of them around me
The [...] inside me
If you have to
Will you hide me?
Should you, though
I know I can’t
She shall walk in her own damned cant
Should I treasure, hide and gleam
Or teach and push and squeal and steam
Am I the mother or the daughter?
What lessons learned from
One or other?
Can I be one and not another?

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