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Michal Flisiuk's Inferno in New Orleans and John Gagliano's Pathology of the Forensics

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If you click on the link above the casket photo or the photo box, you'll get to the photo album with captions.

Read my posts and see/hear photographs/audios/videos to understand what had happened to my children, my family, my vanished life.
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We miss you papa.

My father Michal was a great man.He was a photographer the hardest working man i ever known or seen.He worked very hard to take care of his family.My father worked on fishing boats and in oil fields in northern Alaska.He was a great photographer who never showed of his work and pursue it as much as he should have.He was misunderstood by many people.

My father died on October 29 in New Orleans.I flew down to New Orleans on November first to claim my fathers body and to find out what happened.Prior to leaving for New Orleans we had an agreement that the detective in charge of the case would meet with me,this never happened.When i got to New Orleans i could at no time reach the detective in charge of my fathers case.We also had an agreement with the detective that he would go with me to the corners office because we felt with our prior dealings with them with what happened to my sister Blanka in 2007 it would be best if done this way.This also never happened.When i went to the corners office the first time they did send a detective to meet with me with the corners but he had nothing to do with the case and this is not what was agreed.In the meeting i asked to see my father so i could identify him and they said no because he was burned to death.Even if my father was burned to death i still would of known if it was him you just do when you know some one as well as your father.I needed to get my father identified so we could claim his body and have a funeral.They said no and that i would have to pay for D.N.A testing.I asked the corners Gagliano and detective on how to go about going to get D.N.A testing done they told me to go to the computer and google it or something.After this was said the detective said if you keep going back and fourth with the docter you will be arrested.I didn't know what he meant since this was the first time i met with gagliano and did nothing wrong.At this time i asked to make a phone call to talk to my sister on what we should do now on getting my father identified she said to try going to city hall to get something done and i said i will go there.The detective heard me say ,i will go there when i was on the phone and asked me where i was going and i said i don't have to tell you and this is when he stated that if i keep going back and fourth with gagliano that i will be arrested.Here i was after my dear father was burned to death and the corner and detective were acting like i did something to them.They both sat there with there arms folded and not on the most pleasant side.So i left the corners office outside of the office i was interviewed by WWl tv station on what happened at the meeting.This changed things a little as in getting the D.N.A testing done.Only after the story was aired on the news then they agreed to do D.N.A testing.

Papa we won't let you be forgotten.

I'm am continuing my account here of my trip to New Orleans on the first week November of last year to claim my fathers body and to find out what happened to him.I was talking about my first visit to the corners office.As i was leaving the corners office after the meeting with Gagliano and the detective ,the detective followed me outside still sort of talking to me and then we got outside he saw the news van that was there to interview me about the meeting.He seemed to change his tone a little bit when he spoke after seeing the van and said to me hear me out it was not murder all we know is it either was a suicide or accidental which struck me as strange since the investigation was not complete and cause of death was still pending.But when he said this to me he sounded to me very sure of him self and was not telling me something.So i told him thank you and proceeded to towards the news van to be interviewed by WWl channel 4.The reporter Miss Moore asked me what happened in the meeting and i basically told her that getting my father identified was not yet resolved as i was giving the interview which was about a few houses down from the corners office i noticed that the detective was standing there with Gagliano and watching me.So after that i left and went back to the Seelos center where i was staying really could not do more in getting some progress in finding out or talking to any body about my father.Most of my phone calls led to no where.I called many different officials and was always referred to somebody else.It was a awful day one of the worst in my life.In the city where i lived and worked and called home for decades i felt like i was in the middle of Sahara desert.

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Later that day i went to city hall to see if i can talk to some one with trying to get my father identified.I went to the mayors office to talk to one of the secretaries about my problems regarding my father.I told the secretary that i am trying to get my father identified and about my meeting with the corners office with no results.I was sent to another office downstairs which i can not recall the name of the department.I told them the same thing and she asked me to leave my number and they would see what they could do for me and get back to me.After that i went back to the Seelos center where i rested for a while it was about evening at this time.That evening i went for a walk in the neighborhood not feeling to good and thinking about my poor father and the things that transpired that day.While i was taking a walk i got a phone call on my cellphone from my old friend Don.Don is a friend that i met in the eighties as a child and he also knew and worked with my father.He called me and had heard about what happened and that there was a story on the news about it.This is how i found out that WWL aired the story.I talked to him for a few minutes and he told me he was at a coffee shop that we used to meet in.So i caught a cab to cafe Flora to meet with him.When i got there i talked to him for a few minutes about everything that had happened and the problems i had in getting my father identified.He then suggested that we call this police officer that me and my father knew for advice on what to do.I will not reveal this officers name.This officer me and my father met at cafe Flora and talked numerous occasions.So don called him and i spoke to him about what happened to my father and about my meeting at the corners office.He then told me that he knows Gagliano and that he will call him in the morning to see whats going on.He told me to call him back the next day.I called him back the next day after he spoke with Gagliano.He said Gagliano mentioned my mothers websites regarding to what happened to my sister at L.S.U hospital in 2007 and said that my father was stalking doctors related to what happened to my sister in the days before he died .I dont remember the exact details of this phone conversation but gagliano was definitely predisposed from what this officer told me.This is the first time that i heard about my father stalking doctors and when the officer mentioned this he said to keep this bit of information between me and him which i didn't know what to make of.What struck me the most if it is true what Gagliano said to the officer about my father stalking doctors then why was he not arrested immediately.And if he was not arrested then they must of have kept a close eye on him when he was outside of L.S.U hospital.Then they certainly would have seen what happened to him when he burned to death on October 29 3:40 am just across the street from L.S.U hospital.If some one would start stalking somebody they certainly would be arrested right away.My father didn't have to die.The security around L.S.U hospital is definitely present.When i went to visit the spot where my father died i saw security guards on two wheelers around the hospital.Surely they would keep an eye on my father who was stalking doctors around the hospital.

I will continue about this at a later date.

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I am continuing my statement that i posted on this blog earlier about my trip to New Orleans after my dear father was found burned to death outside of L.S.U hospital on October 29.So there have been statements made by Gagliano to the officer that i know that my father was stalking doctors and as i recall now when i spoke to this officer it was also stated that he was stalking and filming doctors who on duty at the time of my sisters death.I would like to know why my father was not arrested immediately by L.S.U security for stalking and filming doctors like he should have been.If the authorities acted accordingly then my father would be alive today.If some one is stalking and filming the person he is stalking then there's more then enough reason to view this person as a danger to others as well as himself.I don't know why my father was not arrested since it has been said that he was doing these things but i can not imagine that after what he was doing that L.S.U security would take there eyes off my father for even one second since they did not arrest him.I visited that spot where my father burned to death and it was mid afternoon at the time and i noticed that L.S.U security was quite present in daytime hours.My father died at night wouldn't there me even more security present at night.So the officer him i know told me that there would be D.N.A testing done after all and that my mother had to fax the corners office her permission before i could go in and do this.This was after the news cast and i think this changed things in at least getting D.N.A testing done.I went to the corners office that after noon so they could take samples from me and ask a few questions about my family tree.I did not speak to Gagliano this time and this was the last visit to the corners office on this trip.There was many questions and things that i wanted to do but i didn't know who to talk to.I was in New Orleans for almost a week and really didn't get much done or talk to many people.I know there has been wrong doings and my father didn't have to die.We have a right to question authorities about what happened.He was a great father who worked hard all his life to provide for his family. All of the things that have happened to my family led him to drive to New Orleans and then be found burned to death in front of the same hospital that my beloved sister Blanka died in June 24,2007.If any body in my family had any idea what he was going to be doing outside of L.S.U hospital we would of done anything to stop him.And if my father was arrested as soon as he was reported doing these things then i know i would not be sitting here and writing about the death of my dear father.

We decided after finding out what happened to my father that we did not want to cremate him and wanted to bury him next to his daughter Blanka.And the corners office was aware of this.We wanted to have a wake and proper funeral this was all planned and payed for to be done.My fathers body was transported up to Maine.We had a wake for him at the house.During the wake we wanted to put a few personal things in the coffin with my father.My father was in a body bag in the coffin.My mother wanted to see him one more time even though he was badly burned and it it would be an awful thing to see but this is what she wanted to do just to see him.So my mother opened the bag to see him and found that there was garbage left on top of him,latex gloves among other things i can not recall exactly what the items were.And all my fathers organs tied up in trash bags put between his legs.Even tough my fathers was burned very badly i don't think it is right to treat and leave things on him and put all his organs in trash bags.I really don't know much about medical things but i am pretty sure they don't put organs in the trash bags every time they perform an autopsy.There is no excuse for this,you may think well he burned to death whats it matter now.Well he is our father and we didn't want to cremate him and certainly didn't want to bury him with the corners office garbage on top of him.On top of all of this there was a heavy layer of white chemical substance with very strong odor that chokes you immediately.I don't know exactly what this substance was but it seemed to me that there's was to much of it put on him and it just didn't seem right.I can't say much about this because i don't know but it felt all wrong.We wanted to bury my father and have a proper funeral after he died so horribly and pay our last respects.After finding him in the state he was in the garbage bags,things left on top of him and the chemical that was put all over him we decided to cremate him and just could not have a funeral for my father.This is the reason my mother published some photographs of my father to try to show some of these things.Here we are trying to deal with my father dying such an awful death and we get him back in this state.I don't understand any of it and its just not right.

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By Blanka

Mother, If You Could See Me Now
If You could see me now
Could You figure out how
My smile, my shape, my gait, my brow
Have all gone down
Did they drown?
Am I unhappy?
Or was I once
Experiencing an ounce
Of what they call
Gladness, joy, happiness, escape
These feelings I cannot drape
Over my shoulders
Like a gilded cape
Am I the image that life raped?
Am I the one left all alone?
Heart torn up, mouth agape
And if they get me
(Already did)
Can I escape
Can I get rid
Of them around me
The [...] inside me
If you have to
Will you hide me?
Should you, though
I know I can’t
She shall walk in her own damned cant
Should I treasure, hide and gleam
Or teach and push and squeal and steam
Am I the mother or the daughter?
What lessons learned from
One or other?
Can I be one and not another?

Who Killed Blanka Peridot -Q&A